The Late Living Room Clean Up

It’s that time again – YOU time!  At last the kids are in bed, the cat has calmed down and you can have a quiet cup of tea (or a glass of wine) in front of the TV.  However, your hopes are dashed as you walk into your living room that looks like it has been hit by a bomb.  Don’t despair – relaxation is only a few minutes away.  Just grab your duster, a damp cloth and the vacuum cleaner and away you go.

5 Tips For Cleaning Your Living Room Quickly:

Remove Clutter:

  • The first thing to do is to remove all clutter – it will make it easier to move around.  Gather all stray items that don’t belong in the living room.  If you have the time distribute them to their various homes but for a fast clean up just put them in a storage box in the utility area and deal with them later.  Put all CDs, DVDs and books back on to their shelves.


  • Next straighten up the sofa and chairs.  You will find that fluffing up the cushions releases a certain amount of dust and/or feathers so get it done first.  Once a week take the cushions off completely and do a thorough vacuum of the under-cushion areas.

Work from the top down:

  • Once these basic jobs are done it’s important to work from the top down – gradually cleaning dust and dirt to floor level where you will finish by vacuuming.  If it’s your big weekly clean of this area start by using the long vacuum hose attachment or a long feather duster to de-cobweb ceilings and light fittings, not forgetting the corners! Do this before cleaning the floor or anything underneath these areas.  For a fast clean up ignore anything above three feet high – you’re going to be sitting down and won’t notice it and once a week is really all that is necessary at this level.


  • Using a damp cloth, wipe down any surfaces made sticky by little fingers, including the coffee table, the TV screen and the remote controls.  If you have time you can extend this to shelves, blinds, skirtings, doors and windows.  Otherwise simply finish off with a quick feather dust of the area.


  • Complete the job with a fast damp mop of any hard surface floors and vacuum of any carpets or rugs.  Once a week pull out all the furniture to get rid of dust and dirt build up but for a daily clean just do the areas that you can see or that bother you.

Finally sit down and enjoy the temporary respite from chaos.

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