The Bathroom

When Aboutime was founded back in 2005, we understood that bathrooms and kitchens were the top priority for people when it came to cleaning. Visitors often gauge a home’s cleanliness based on the bathroom, making it a crucial area to maintain. The same applies to the business environment, where the bathroom’s cleanliness is as vital as the reception area.

While other parts of the house can be managed with a vacuum cleaner and duster, the bathroom always requires more effort. It involves getting down on your knees, scrubbing, and disinfecting to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. Thankfully, most bathrooms are constructed with materials that are easy to keep clean. Consistent effort each day will help you maintain order until the next deep clean.n.

7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips:


  • Tile and porcelain surfaces are stain-resistant if dirt and scum are not allowed to build up on them – give everything a rinse down after use.  This washes away the left over suds and dirt that can build up into dirt and grime.


  • Cleaning the toilet is what makes the bathroom one of the most hated household chores but has to be done regularly to keep your bathroom hygienic! Flush your toilet once to wet the bowl, than squeeze the cleaner around the bowl and leave to sit. Give the toilet a scrub with your toilet brush to get all the corners and under the rim, then simply flush it all away.  Note: keep your toilet brush clean by regularly soaking in a small bucket of bleach, thus avoiding the spread of germs from the brush onto the toilet.

Cleaning Products:

  • Daily use of biodegradable disinfectant wipes is also a good idea to stop the spread of germs, particularly with small children in the house.  However, be careful about the overuse of wipes and other cleaning products.  They are not necessary every time something is spilt and are certainly not good for the environment.  It’s all about balance and using only the amount of product necessary to do the job.  Most cleaning is about the water itself – a very powerful liquid!

Sink and Counter Tops:

  • Use your soap or detergent sparingly around the sink and counter as it is harder to get soap off the counter tops.  Liquid handsoaps will leave a lot less residue than bars of soap in your sink and shower.

Nooks and Crannies:

  • If you’re worried about the nooks and crannies, a toothbrush will help you reach those small but dirt filled spots.


  • A little tip I’ve learnt along the way to prevent steam build ups on the glass is shaving foam!  A standard white shaving foam rubbed on to your mirrors should keep that at bay.


  • Mop the floor last, starting at the farthest corner from the door and working back, to avoid those annoying footprints!

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