Step-by-Step Guide: How to Clean Your Freezer

How to Clean Your Freezer

Before you begin, consult the freezer manual for specific guidelines and features. If the manual is misplaced, you can often find a new one on the company’s website. Here’s what you’ll need for the task:

  •  Old towels
  • Washing up bowl
  • Sponge
  • Spatula
  • Washing up liquid
  • Hot water


Now, let’s dive into the effective freezer cleaning process:


Remove the contents:

Start by taking out all the items from the freezer. Wrap frozen food in thick layers of newspaper and store them in a cool bag or in a neighbour’s freezer while you clean. Remember that some food, like raw meat, cannot be refrozen after defrosting. Cleaning the freezer on a cold day is advantageous as the food will stay cold for a longer time.


Turn off and unplug:

Turn off the freezer and unplug it from the mains. Keep the plug off the floor to avoid contact with water during defrosting. Prop the freezer door wide open to speed up the process.


Prepare the area:

Place towels around the bottom of the freezer and use baking trays to catch the melting ice. Even a thin layer of ice can generate a surprising amount of water. Arrange old towels on the floor around the base of the freezer and place another towel inside along the bottom. Replace wet towels with dry ones as needed. Promptly dispose of any fallen ice chunks to prevent them from sticking to the freezer.  . If you have a drainage hose, ensure it drains into a tray or bucket. Use a plastic spatula to gently loosen the ice, taking care not to damage internal surfaces or elements. For safety reasons, avoid using a hairdryer.


Remove the shelves and drawers:

Take out the freezer shelves and drawers, allowing them to come to room temperature before washing to prevent cracking. Soak them in the sink or bath with hot water and washing up liquid. If shelves are iced in place, wait for the ice to melt before removing them


Clean the freezer:

Once the ice is gone and wet towels are cleared away, it’s time to clean the freezer. Avoid using bleach; instead, use a regular multipurpose spray or washing up liquid with warm water. An old toothbrush can be helpful for reaching stubborn areas, but avoid scrubbing too hard. Don’t forget to clean the door seal.


Ensure thorough drying:

Drying the inside of the freezer thoroughly is essential to prevent water from turning back into ice when you turn it back on. Use a tea towel or cloth to dry it. Switch on the freezer or use the fast-freeze setting. Let the freezer run for at least an hour and allow the shelves and drawers to air-dry before refilling it. To maintain the frozen items properly, the Food Standards Agency recommends keeping your freezer at -18°C. Wait until it’s ice cold again before putting fresh food back in, which may take a few hours.


Organise the freezer:

As you return the items to the freezer, take the opportunity to organize everything. Avoid overcrowding, as proper air circulation is essential for maintaining the temperature. Check that the food you put back is still frozen; if any meat or fish has started to defrost, either cook it immediately or discard it. Refreezing it can risk food poisoning.


Follow these straightforward steps, and your freezer will be sparkling clean and ready to keep your food fresh and frozen efficiently!


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