How clean is your hotel?

Tips For A Clean Hotel Room

We all love a beautiful clean hotel room. Someone else has kindly spent the time getting the room ready before you arrive. They create a tidy and relaxing space for guests. In many hotel rooms you may also get a glimpse of the latest fashions in curtains, throws and cushions, to inspire you in our own home decoration.

Hotel Post-Covid 19 World

In the post-Covid 19 world, is that beautiful and inspiring clean hotel room as clean as it looks? No-one wants to spoil their holiday by worrying too much about infection. Holidays are a time to unwind and enjoy yourself. Here are a few simple things you can do to make your visit safer…

Hotel Reception

The common areas of the hotel are a potential hazard – and sometimes mixing with other guests in a confined space is unnecessary. There is always a rush at the first minute of a hotel’s check-in time. The last mintue check-out time there can be another rush to the reception.  Our suggestion is to check-in thirty minutes later, and check-out thirty minutes earlier. Use your own pen at the reception desk when you are asked to sign in – hundreds of people might have used the pen at reception before you.

How Clean Is The Hotel Room?

Television remote controls and hotel room telephones are frequently touched, but less frequently cleaned. Visitors might not leave visible dirt on these items but they will certainly leave invisible germs behind. Most people don’t know that electronic wipes containing a diluted concentration of alcohol can be safely used on all sorts of objects – buy them in your local electronics store before you set off on your holiday. It’s sensible to bring a compact pack of 100 wipes with you on your trip. A good guideline for what to wipe down – if there is something that you can’t avoid touching, another guest is bound to have done the same. Pay special attention to light switches, door handles, drawer pulls, lamps and bathroom taps for a really clean hotel experience.

Hotel Meals

Hotel meals can be delivered to your room if you don’t feel like joining the crowd in the busy restaurant. Some hotels also have outdoor seating where meals are served if the weather is nice, which may be a safer option than dining indoors. Some of the best holiday memories start with having an outdoor meal, watching the world go by.

Outside The Hotel

If you wish to explore your holiday destination outside your hotel, your safest option is to walk as much as possible, avoiding any unnecessary time in the confined space of a vehicle. Take plenty of water along with you to stay hydrated and stroll along at your own pace. Taxis and shuttle buses are often waiting outside hotels, and while transport is essential for going to and from the airport or train station with your luggage, you don’t need it for a short 2 kilometre trip to the local village. Walking is a healthier option in many ways, and you might ever end the holiday feeling more aerobically fit.

The most important thing on your holiday is relaxation – but avoiding queues, eating outdoors, walking more, and wiping a few things down to ensure clean hotel surroundings are all things that can help to put your mind at ease. Have a great holiday!

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