Cleaning Jobs in Dublin – Reasons to become a cleaner

Cleaning is a vitally important job, cleaners provide a healthy living service, to keep peoples living and work environments as healthy as possible.  Previously viewed as a stopgap between other jobs, cleaning is now seen as a career for those who want flexible consistent work.  Aboutime offers cleaning jobs in Dublin. 

1: Cleaning makes you happy

Is your home always spotless and tidy? Are you organized and love to clean? Then perhaps you should consider cleaning jobs in Dublin! If you like seeing a job from start to finish then cleaning may be the career choice for you. There is something great about having a counter top that is disGUSTing and then you, with some cleaning products and elbow grease make it look as good as new.  It is so nice to look at a space that was just a jumbled mess and then see it sparkling. At the end of the day, you can see progress.

2: Find work easily

More and more families are working huge amounts of hours. The need for someone to help them with the housework has grown incredibly over the last few years.  At Aboutime Cleaning we are always looking for reliable people to join our team.  We offer attractive pay to our cleaners.  We have many different jobs available at Aboutime cleaning in Dublin.  People are now realising that cleaning can be a viable career path.

3: Work when suits you

Many people are moving away from the traditional 9 to 5 workforce and finding other opportunities, including cleaning jobs.  After our reference checks are complete you can start working straight away and at times you choose. It is up to you when you want to work and how much. Build a full schedule of your customers or simply add a few jobs on the side.  It is a wonderful profession if you need flexibility in your life.

4: Work solo or with a partner

At Aboutime we have roles that you can work on your own or if you prefer to be around people we also offer team roles. Cleaning offers the flexibility to choose how you want to work and if you want to work with people or alone.  Depending on your personality Aboutime has different roles to suit you.

5: Training

Learn new skills, people assume because they clean at home that there is nothing else to learn – but that isn’t the case. At Aboutime we teach which cleaning chemicals to use for each task, for example using solvents to remove graffiti or oils.  Cleaning is not a low skill task. You will learn how dirt forms, how to clean various environments and being able to assess the hygiene level in any of your working areas and knowing what is needed to bring it to a clean state.  You can progress to a supervisor role but it will depend on how you develop your cleaning specific skills and general work ethics.

If you are interested in finding cleaning jobs in Dublin then check out Aboutime for top cleaning rates – Cleaning Jobs Dublin.

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