5 Cleaning Tips From Our Cleaning Experts

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At Aboutime we love to clean, and we have been cleaning our client’s homes and offices for over 15 years.  From our years of experience, we would like to share some of our cleaning tips and tricks with you. It’s essential that you have the correct equipment and products as this will make your cleaning […]

The Bathroom

Covid cleaning and surface cleaning

When Aboutime was founded back in 2005, we understood that bathrooms and kitchens were the top priority for people when it came to cleaning. Visitors often gauge a home’s cleanliness based on the bathroom, making it a crucial area to maintain. The same applies to the business environment, where the bathroom’s cleanliness is as vital […]

Hand Hygiene in the Workplace!

Covid cleaning and surface cleaning

Startling Results from Office Workers’ Hand Hygiene Survey It is astonishing that many people neglect to wash their hands regularly. In a recent survey involving over 200 office workers, the findings were quite surprising. Only two out of five individuals wash their hands after using the toilet. This fact makes one ponder about the hygiene […]