Back To School House Cleaning Tips

Back To School – House Cleaning Tips

It’s that time again – back to school! Children have been off school for the last couple of months because of COVID 19. Parents across Ireland are alternating between sobbing and doing backflips. At Aboutime, we still remember the back to school excitement, buying new books, uniforms and meeting our friends.  Back to school is always crazy and even crazier during COVID 19. Once the kids go back to school, everyone in the house gets busier. Now, in addition to your typical day, you also have to help pack lunches, ferry the kids to school and afterschool activities.  At Aboutime we have some house cleaning tips to help you and your family get back to school:

Designate a place for things:

Have a home for coats, school bags, schoolwork, shoes and sports gear, this means that the kids can help tidy their things away. If kids have a specific spot to put everything, odds are they’ll use it more often and you won’t be tripping over their stuff. When things have a home, it makes it so much easier to keep your house clean.  Before you buy something new, make sure to check that you are not buying something that you don’t need. Schools sometimes provide a list of needed supplies for the year. Having a detailed list when you start shopping means you’ll be more likely to buy only what’s on it which helps you save money!

If you haven’t already, get a calendar in your kitchen to keep track of everyone’s activities. This will help you know what shoes, sports gear, equipment that is needed each day.

We also suggest that you get rid of anything broken, extremely worn out, stained beyond repair or too small (unless they’re good for hand-me-downs). The new nextflix show The Home Edit, Clea and Joanna give brilliant tips for organising your home.

Your kids are now busier than they were over the summer. Keeping your kids’ bedrooms clean and tidy gets more difficult. While it’d be great if you could get them to keep their rooms tidy, let’s be honest, it’s likely that they won’t. If you have a designate place for things it makes it easier for them to manage and you have a better chance of a clean room!

The Kitchen And Bathroom:

During the getting ready for school rush, everyone is getting ready to leave the house at around the same time. Your home’s bathroom and kitchen get disorganised. Your kitchen can become the most active room of the house.

If you don’t have time to clean your bathroom or kitchen, at Aboutime we offer a full range of bathroom and kitchen cleaning services from scrubbing baths, toilets and sinks to cleaning your shower door and polishing your bathroom fixtures. You can rest assured that you won’t come home from work and cringe when you open the bathroom or kitchen door.

Busy Bee:

Juggling work, after-school activities, homework and keeping the house clean? You’re a busy bee!

  • Create a family calendar to keep track of schedules.
  • Place a whiteboard in the kitchen to remind everyone of important things to do and different after school activities.
  • Work as a team to get things done. Have the kids put laundry on the clothes drying rack while you make dinner.

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