The Bedroom

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Creating a Serene Bedroom: Tips for Organisation and Cleanliness Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a private space not meant for public eyes. Keeping it clean and comfortable is essential to unwind after a long day’s work. By organising your belongings and following simple routines, you can maintain a tidy bedroom without overwhelming cleanups. Organising Your […]

Let’s Start With The Kitchen

Cleaning service Dublin after construction in your kitchen

You can spend most of your life in the kitchen. It is, in many households, a focal point. It’s where we gather to prepare and eat food and, when visitors drop by, often a cup of tea in the kitchen is the first port of call. With this in mind we want our kitchen to […]

The Bathroom

Covid cleaning and surface cleaning

When Aboutime was founded back in 2005, we understood that bathrooms and kitchens were the top priority for people when it came to cleaning. Visitors often gauge a home’s cleanliness based on the bathroom, making it a crucial area to maintain. The same applies to the business environment, where the bathroom’s cleanliness is as vital […]

The Late Living Room Clean Up

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It’s that time again – YOU time!  At last the kids are in bed, the cat has calmed down and you can have a quiet cup of tea (or a glass of wine) in front of the TV.  However, your hopes are dashed as you walk into your living room that looks like it has […]

What Should You Look For In A Cleaning Service

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Cleaning Service Dublin Minitel UK conducted a survey which outlined the downturn in spend on household cleaning products and appliances. At Aboutime we have found there have been a gradual rise in bookings of house cleaning over the last number of years.  If you’re considering getting a cleaning service in Dublin, below are tips to […]

Having a Beautiful Home

Beautiful clean kitchen in Dublin

Setting Up A Cleaning Company – The Aboutime Journey At Aboutime we clean many beautiful homes throughout Dublin. We have always loved the idea of having a beautiful home. Our home is very important to us. The extra cherry on top of a beautiful home, is a clean home.  To get a clean home, it […]

Hand Hygiene in the Workplace!

Covid cleaning and surface cleaning

Startling Results from Office Workers’ Hand Hygiene Survey It is astonishing that many people neglect to wash their hands regularly. In a recent survey involving over 200 office workers, the findings were quite surprising. Only two out of five individuals wash their hands after using the toilet. This fact makes one ponder about the hygiene […]

When It All Seems Too Much, Best To Keep It Simple

Window cleaning company, keep it simple

Aboutime caters to the needs of homes and businesses seeking assistance with their daily workload, allowing them to achieve a better life balance. When it all seems too much we believe that it is best to keep it simple.  Our experience has provided us with invaluable insights into the preferences of our clients. We hold […]

Aboutime Survey Shows Some Interesting Results

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Times are proving difficult for some even if there has been an uplift in certain parts of the economy.  We have been very lucky – our customers are still with us.  Even in those difficult recessionary times many Aboutime customers wanted to stay.  They were saving in other areas but were hugely reluctant to add […]

Cleaning for Christmas

Cleaning your apartment to make a home you love

Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas – Cleaning Tips December is a bustling time filled with socialising, present-buying and cleaning tasks. It’s wise to start preparing your home for the Christmas season well in advance and the key to successful Christmas cleaning lies in creating a well-structured plan. Creating Your Christmas Cleaning Plan First, determine […]