Aboutime Survey Shows Some Interesting Results

Times are proving difficult for some even if there has been an uplift in certain parts of the economy.  We have been very lucky – our customers are still with us.  Even in those difficult recessionary times many Aboutime customers wanted to stay.  They were saving in other areas but were hugely reluctant to add further stress to their lives by letting us go!  We are the number House Cleaning Service in Dublin for many people.

This was something that really shone through in a recent survey we undertook. Over 1000 people either in a relationship or with a family answered a few simple questions.

I thought I would share some of the press release information with you…

Main Outcomes:

  • 30% of men do the household cleaning, while over 70% of women said they were responsible for the dirty work.
  • The focus of the survey is household cleaning habits, including spring cleaning, and perceptions of whose responsibility it is to clean certain areas. Over 1000 families nationwide were surveyed.
  • It emerged that when couples move in together, the primary thing they both argue about is cleaning with over 60% of men and women unhappy about the frequency and quality of the cleaning!
  • When it comes to cleaning a particular area, men and women were almost in complete agreement about whose responsibility it was to clean. Over 70% agreed that the kitchen was the woman’s responsibility, while almost 50% felt the same about the bathroom, bedroom and living area. So where are the men’s areas, you ask? 66% agreed that men are responsible for cleaning the garage and 44% claimed the windows are theirs to clean also.
  • The most startling statistic to emerge concerned neither men nor women; rather it concerned those families with children. About two thirds of all the families surveyed had children and of those families only 3% claimed their children did any of the household cleaning!

All this information confirmed that things have not changed much since I started Aboutime. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home from work was clean the house or argue about it! We have found with families or individuals who use our services that the one thing all see as an immediate benefit is the reduction in stress levels and quality added to their lives.

With the introduction of a home cleaner means a better balance within the home.  That underlies the fact that we have had very little reduction in our client base during the recession.

Did you know that at the most recent count there are just fewer than one million women in the workforce in Ireland, which shows a great advancement within the country from the dated idea of the “little wife at home”. And yet, as the survey reveals, the trend of women carrying out the bulk of the housework continues.

It amazes me. Women are making huge strides within the workforce; we have had two female Presidents and recognition, equality and stability in the work place. Is it not time that we had equality in the household too?

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