First things first; I own a cleaning company. We provide cleaning staff to homes and businesses that like someone else to help with their daily workload – to give more of a life balance. Because of this I know exactly what our clients want and I know the type of person our clients like coming in to help in their homes. I value the standards that clients require of our cleaning staff; and I know our clients value the fantastic quality our cleaners give back to them.

I also outsource my own cleaning because, like so many of us, I am not a fan of cleaning. I hate ironing and, because I’m a perfectionist, cleaning was taking up too much of my time!

However, along the way I have learnt a few things to ease the household cleaning burden and get a better life balance.  I’d like to share some of them with you:

8 Tips:

  • Dump your junk. Get clutter free.
  • Identify your trouble spots, and determine how you’re going to get them cleaned up.
  • Learn to prioritize the most important jobs first – usually the ones you hate doing.
  • Make a house cleaning checklist to schedule when you will clean, and then stick to it.
  • Ask for help from others living in the house with you – you are not the only one responsible for cleaning!
  • Gather all your cleaning supplies and place in a bucket or tote.
  • Start cleaning from the high points down e.g. top of house to bottom of house and top of cupboards to the floor etc
  • My favourite naturally – Your time is worth money – consider hiring someone to do a job it would take you hours to do (lawn mowing, housecleaning). It will free you up to enjoy your precious time off.

Find out more about the housekeeping services that we offer to help with a better life balance. If you would like to book a housekeeper in the greater Dublin area please call us on 01 8480444.  Follow us on facebook to find out about our special offers.

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