Aboutime Interview Questions

    Aboutime Interview Questions

    Name, Surname, Nationality, Telephone Number & Email:

    Have you been abroad in the last 14 days? Which country?

    Do you have a driving licence?

    Full address:

    What days and what time are you available to work?

    Are you free to work on Saturday?

    Are you prepared to travel to jobs that are in parts of Dublin South & Dublin North, not just city centre? (up to 1 hour one way)

    Why did you apply for this job?

    When does your Visa expire?

    Have you worked in a cleaning company before?

    Have you experience in Ironing Clothes for clients? If not do you know how to iron clothes?

    Name and Number of Emergency Contact

    You must provide Name & Contact Details of Two Referees

    Referees Details:

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