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Need Antiviral Sanitisation?

Antiviral sanitising and disinfection for your home and office

You can book a disinfection service for both residential and commercial properties. We can sanitise homes, offices, business buildings, shops and schools.

We offer a certified, 100% elimination of the coronavirus by room or facility.  For many years this fumigation service has been the gold-standard in room decontamination across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

The bio-decontamination process is conducted by fumigation with hydrogen peroxide.  The benefit of fumigation is that it provides 100% surface coverage and reduces the risk associated with manual cleaning.

This is a 2-stage process, first with hand-held foggers and secondly with larger automated fogging machines that sit inside the space to be treated.  We validate the process using biological indicators and provide a detailed summary report for the client.

Our decontamination protocol includes:


 Initial method statement/risk assessment

 Unique 2-stage decontamination process comprising of dynamic hand-fogging followed by full room fumigation by automated fogging machines

 This is the only way to achieve 100% surface coverage (manual fogging on its own will suffer from inevitable human error)

 Validation with biological indicators and microbiological incubation of samples

 Final summary report

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If your place has been recently visited by people who show symptoms of being sick or who have been in close contact with sick people, the service is perfect for you.

The house sanitising service is effective against germs, mould, mildew, viruses and bacteria.

Take advantage of the one-off cleaning service together with the antiviral sanitisation & disinfection service to make your place sparkling clean and bacteria-free.

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